A Circular Economy…

…to save the textiles industry

The textile sector must choose a circular economy model. The negative consequences of environmental pollution and waste production could lessen whilst also generating more economic opportunities.

Firstly, most linear economy businesses use tons of non-renewable resources to produce a product. These products will most likely be effective for a limited period. Furthermore, they are ultimately likely to end up in landfill, predominantly because of the path of manufacture and construction. Essentially, these businesses models are not sustainable in the modern world.

Our Inspiration

This circular economy is one of the inspirations behind the founding of Oath Home.

Oath Home is proud to say we operate under a circular economy business model. By rescuing fabric that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incineration and turning it into sustainable products, we are preventing vast amounts of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and reducing waste production in the industry.

Every aspect of our products has sustainability and circular economy as its focus. All of our cushions have a back fold closing, meaning that zips are not necessary. Next, the cushion pad linings consist of 100% recycled white cotton, and we only use cushion pads that contain feathers with ethical, sustainable, and humane provenance.

High Quality and Ethical Provenance

Our products are made from luxury and high-quality fabrics that are designed to last a lifetime; in the case of our Christmas stockings, even something you can hand on to the next generation. Because the material we receive inspires the products we make, all products are exclusive; often, one of a kind. Since our products are all handmade, no two cushions are the same.

We are incredibly proud of our company and our aims. We hope that it inspires people to buy more sustainably, with something you can also be proud of in your home.

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