Our Business


Q: Do you have a physical shop that I can visit?
A: Unfortunately not. To maximise the amount of money we can donate to Step by Step, our charity partner, Oath Home is a purely online business.

Q: Do you have sustainable certification?
A: Unfortunately not. Sustainable certification costs between £1200 and £7000 per year, depending on the awarding body. As we give 100% of our profits to support homeless children, we don’t believe we can, in good conscious, spend the same amount of money on a badge as could supporting seven children through homelessness intervention.

Q: Is Oath Home a stand alone company?
A: No. Oath Home is part of The Oath Group, a small group of companies that work under the ethos: Sustainable, Ethical, Charitable. See our sister company, Oath Events, click here.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. To arrange international shipping, please click here.

Q: Do you have promocodes?
A: Yes. From time to time we will offer promocodes to specific groups. Unless otherwise specified, these promocodes can not be used in conjunction with other offers. Discounts can not be applied to gift vouchers, experiences nor postage and packaging. All promocodes are for a defined period of time only and can be withdrawn without notice.

Q: What are your Christmas opening hours?
A: We are available online all year, but please note that we will only be operating a skeleton staff between the 2 p.m. on 15/12 until 10 a.m. on 05/01.
Our phone lines will be closed between the 2 p.m. on 22/12 until 10 a.m. on 04/01, but you will be able to contact us online.

Q: What are your Easter opening hours?
A: We are available online all year. Our phone lines will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Day and Bank Holiday Monday.


Our Products


Q: Are all of your fabrics “would-be” waste fabrics?
A: Yes. All of the main fabrics used in our products are saved from the scrap heaps.

Q: Do you do made-to-measure?
A: Yes. See our Bespoke page for more information.

Q: Why do you not use zips in your cushions?
A: We aim to use as little “new” material in our cushions as possible. Being able to get hold of a steady train of uniform zips is practically impossible; we decided to use the classic envelope fold to close our cushions.

Q: What pads do you use in the cushions?
A: All pads used in Oath Home’s cushions are responsibly, ethically and sustainably sourced from Responsible Down Standard (RDS)-certified companies.

Q: Are your cushions fire retardant?
A: Covers: No. According to the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988, scatter cushions fall into Category D, which exempts cushion covers from undergoing fire retardant testing.
A: Pads: Yes.
All of our cushion fillers meet all fire safety regulations laid out in the above policy and are appropriately labelled.
Full information on fire safety for home furnishings can be found here.