Leftover Fabric? Oath Home is the Solution

This week Anna, our Founder and Director, took to the airwaves, starting with the wonderful world of LinkedIn to further spread the word about leftover fabric and what we do here at Oath Towers.

We have decided to share that message with you here today:

Hello! My name is Anna. I am the founder of the sustainable soft furnishings company Oath Home which is part of the Oath Group.

In the beginning…

It started Oath Home having received inspiration from a relative, who retired after 30 years as an interior design contractor.

He had to face over one hundred rolls of leftover fabric that had effectively become redundant by his retirement; he experienced distress that he had no other options for the fabric, other than disposal.

These fabrics were beautiful. So many silks, velvets, and high-end materials, that it almost seemed criminal that they would be sent to landfill or the incinerator.

A Common Problem

His dilemma is not uncommon. The challenges that come from disposing of unused, surplus fabric are the same for both craftspeople using fabric for a hobby, right through to large companies who may be refurbing an entire hotel, for example. This may have huge quantities of leftover fabric.

We know that the UK is one of the largest disposers of textiles in Europe; anything that we can do to address this is a good thing.

Leftover Fabric: The Oath Solution

This is where Oath Home steps in. We offer an alternative to fabric disposal. We take the unused, leftover fabric that would have been sent to landfill or the incinerator and we create beautiful pieces for the home. 

OATH stands for Offcuts Assisting The Homeless. Since our original leftover fabric came from high-end interior projects, it made sense to keep working within the pillars of sustainability; we donate all of our profits to a charity. We work with Step by Step who support homeless children and young people going through the hardest of times.

If you work with fabrics and are concerned about waste, or are looking for a solution to your company’s fabric waste challenges get in contact. We will work our hardest to help you with any challenges you face.

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