Oath Home: Offcuts Assisting The Homeless


Rescued Waste Fabric Supports Homeless Children

Oath Home is a sustainable, luxury home furnishings company who donate 100% of the profits from every sale to the charity Step by Step, a charity that works to break the cycle of youth homelessness.

Oath Home has partnered with designers, interiors specialists, production studios and sustainable warehouses to coordinate the repurposing of thousands of meters of silks, velvets, linens, and various other luxury fabrics; fabrics that, without their intervention, would have been incinerated or otherwise destroyed. 

From its fledgling days working from their founder’s living room, through to their position today as the go-to organisation for the rescuing of unused, luxury fabrics, Oath Home has striven to reduce the pointless waste of beautiful, sumptuous textiles and to give them a new lease of life.

In a world where the greenwashing of an organisation’s sustainability credentials is on the increase, Oath Home has positioned itself as an industry leader for its ethical ethos and genuinely sustainable practices.

Oath Home and Step by Step strongly believe that children and young people should not be defined by their circumstance; they should not have to sacrifice their aspirations or life chances simply because they find themselves homeless. 

Step by Step helps to provide accommodation, education, counselling, professional training and mentoring to protect physical and mental health. Youth homelessness often leads to serious problems in adult life; by preventing children from becoming homeless, Step by Step breaks this cycle and gives young people a chance to succeed.


For all press and media enquiries contact Dan Sproat-Clements, Head of Operations

dsc@oathhome.co.uk  |  0330 390 3737  |  oathhome.co.uk  |  @oathhomeltd